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Edible forests in Bolivia and Madagascar

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is currently funding two Naturefund projects. The aim of both projects is tolesen

National Energy Globe Award 2013

The Energy Globe Award for Sustainability is one of the world's most important sustainability awards. Naturefund wins the prize 2013 for the secondlesen

Sabine Bach (actress)

"I associate my best childhood experiences with" playing outside". Free movement, fresh air, climbing, sniffing, watching, being alonelesen

Birge Schade (Actress)

Several times I was fortunate that shootings led me to unusual and remote places. In the desert of Namibia for example, or in the Norwegianlesen

Tina Kaiser (TV Host)

I live in Munich. The many green areas in this big city make it worth living there! Anyone who jogged in the English Garden with his dog knows thatlesen

Christian Jeltsch (Author

Is it not absurd that we humans believe in the theory of evolution, but not that we ourselves are part of it? That we assume to be the pride oflesen

Thomas Sarbacher (Actor)

When I discovered the work of Naturefund a film about the painter Séraphine de Senlis came to mind, Séraphine by Martin Provost. In the film,lesen

Rudy C. Meidl (Moderator)

It is one of the absurdities of human behavior that we are willing to consciously destroy our nature and thus our livelihood for a material advantage.lesen