»A great idea from Naturefund to buy the world before we break it down.« Rudy C. Meidl

Honigbiene Foto: Dr. H. Fried

Rudy C. Meidl (Moderator)

It is one of the absurdities of human behavior that we are willing to consciously destroy our nature and thus our livelihood for a material advantage. Our common sence shoul already prevent us from biting the hand that feeds us. But even reasonable regulations and laws are subordinated to economic interests all the time and all over the world. Appeals to those who are responsible have unfortunately often no effect. This is the reason why i think it is a great and supportive idea of ​​NATUREFUND to beat the system with its own tools and to buy the world  before it is destroyed by us humans. That is the way we can help to make the only non-protective species lose more and more of its habitat - the greed for profit!