»The Energy Globe Award for Sustainability honours sustainable projects.« Naturefund wins it in 2013

National Energy Globe Award 2013

The Energy Globe Award for Sustainability is one of the world's most important sustainability awards. Naturefund wins the prize 2013 for the second time. Each year, outstanding projects in climate and environmental protection are awarded.

In 2013, Naturefund will be awarded for the project "Afforestation and Preservation of Plant Variety in Madagascar". In this project, the special method of dynamic agroforestry is introduced, with which peasant families are able to build natural forest in 15 to 20 years. At the same time - and this makes this method unique - the family can use the land in an agricultural way.

The long-term objective of Naturefund is to use this concept to reestablish 8,500 hectares on deforested area in different regions of Madagascar.