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We make ethical-urban-fashion.
Sustainable and fairtrade for you and our planet.

Our claim as a young responsible fashion label is to promote fairness, climate protection and social associations. Also to make people aware of the importance of valuing themselves and above all their nearest.

The use of organic cotton significantly reduces water consumption during production. YD also use new wood fibre materials such as Modal® and Tencel® in our clothing. Recycled plastics are an immense relief for nature and can be obtained and processed without loss of quality.

One world one home. Together different.

CO2 compensation
5,0 t CO2
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Supported projects

Grüne Klimabrücke in Costa Rica

Trees: 4.779

Aufforstung in den Anden Boliviens

Trees: 39.622

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Young Diversity Fashion
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Blue Planet Certificate BPC214YN