Slope spring moor in the alpine foothills of Bavaria, Germany

Save moors and save CO2

Naturefund has bought a slope spring moor together with the Förderverein Stiftung Wilde Argen and thus permanently protected it. Moors are true climate protectors: Under undisturbed conditions they are the only ecosystems that continuously and permanently absorb carbon dioxide in large quantities. This distinguishes them from mineral soils as well as forest ecosystems. The conversion of moors into farmland, for example, lets them loose the storage capacity and with that releases climate-relevant trace gases such as CO2, CH4, N2O.Naturefund has therefore bought this moor to prevent conversion to farmland. This slope moor lies in the Alpine foothills and borders the Obere Argen, one of the last wild mountain rivers in Central Europe. Meadowsweet Fritillary, Imperial Cloak and even the largest native dragonfly, the rare Striped Damselfly, occur here.In future, the Förderverein Stiftung Wilde Argen will take care of the moor. Remains of the spring sumps are removed and recessed trenches are designed in such a way that existing swell of fins can sprinkle close to nature over the swamp moor areas and the moor can grow again. The habitat quality for the striped Quelljungfer and other kinds is thereby optimized.A moor in Central Europe stores 1,500 kg of CO2 per 10 m² (10 m² is roughly the area for a medium-sized tree). <link internal-link internal link in current>All projects

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Protected land10,164 m²
Climate protection factor
(in kg CO2 / m² / 50 years)