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A climate certificate that protects the environment

The climate conference in Paris 2015 led to a new climate protection agreement. But policies alone cannot solve the problem. What we now need are companies that show the way forward. We need people who can commit. Just as important are CO2-sinks in form of functioning ecosystems. With its Blue Planet Certificate, Naturefund has created the only climate certificate worldwide that targets efforts at protecting ecosystems. The certificate is easy-to-use, transparent and effective. With a few clicks and a contribution of at least €12 plus VAT per month, you will receive the certificate for your online shop and products. It's just as easy to offset the CO2 emissions of your event!

The Blue Planet Certificate simply explained

Unterscheidung zwischen Spende und Zertifikat 

Eine gemeinnützige Spende über Naturefund ist eine freiwillige Leistung, ohne dass dem Zuwendenden eine konkrete Gegenleistung gewährt wird. Sie kann in Geld oder Geldwert bestehen (Geld- oder Sachspende). Die steuerliche Abzugsfähigkeit von Spenden ist in § 10b EStG geregelt.

Im Gegenteil dazu gilt das Klimazertifikat bei Erwerb als Ausgleichsleistung. Hier hat ein konkreter Kauf mit Gegenleistung stattgefunden. Die geregelten Geschäftsbedingungen müssen dieses genau anzeigen und der Kauf ist demnach exakt geregelt. 

Reforestation projects worldwide

The climate protection contribution flows directly into Naturefund's reforestation and conservation projects. Trees are planted, forests protected and ecosystems strengthened at several locations worldwide. In addition to contributions from the Blue Planet Certificate and donations from private individuals and sponsors, institutions such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Deutsche Umwelthilfe also support the projects and promote the planting of additional trees.

United Nations climate data

We use the climate data of the United Nations (UNFCCC) and calculate how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed per biotope or measure, e.g. reforestation or peatland restoration. The tree serves as our best-known symbol for climate protection measures and represents the compensation of 500 kg of CO2. You can transparently track what we use your contribution for at any time. Interesting for retailers: According to a study by the E-Commerce-Center Handel (Cologne) in 2012, a seal of approval has a positive effect on the trustworthiness of online stores and can increase the conversion rate by 23%. 

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Naturefund is a non-profit nature conservation organisation that protects natural areas in Germany and around the world. Auditors have confirmed that Naturefund's activities are performed correctly.

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The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) funds the reforestation projects of Naturefund in Bolivia and Madagaskar.

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Naturefund uses the climate data of the United Nations (UNFCCC) and the results of over 70 studies about CO2 absorbation of ecosystems ... more