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Preservation of natural CO2 reservoirs

Naturefund is a non-profit nature conservation organization based in Germany. In the course of climate change, Naturefund is increasingly protecting forests and intact ecosystems and is planting trees. For this work, Naturefund has received several international awards, such as the Global National Energy Award. Accountants confirm the integrity of the organization's work. Naturefund's climate protection projects are supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

Ecosystems as CO2 sinks 

Natural forests, healthy soil and functional ecosystems store CO2 very effectively. For example, Prof. Dr. Dr. Radermacher, one of the leading climate researchers, affirms that afforestation of forests and the build-up of humus in the soil is a central key to climate protection. Furthermore, ecosystems provide us with food as well as clean water and create life perspectives for us humans. That is why Naturefund's Blue Planet Certificate specifically protects natural ecosystems.

Join in climate protection: For example, compensate the CO2 emissions of your business trips or become a climate partner and protect the climate in the long term. Every contribution to climate protection counts. We will be happy to prepare a personal offer for you. Just get in touch with us!

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Naturefund is a non-profit nature conservation organisation that protects natural areas in Germany and around the world. Continue to

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