Rainforest in Malawi

Malawi loses its forest

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and  with 3%, it has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. The small country is acutely threatened by desertification and the complete loss of native nature. As soon as the forest disappears, people are increasingly affected by drought and flooding. With the forest, also the unique biodiversity disappears - forever. In the Nantipwili river valley south of the city of Blantyre, there are still small forest remnants. Even the extremely rare bast palm (Raphia farnifera) occurs here. Also numerous rare and most endangered animal and plant species have found a last refuge here. Every year the forest gets less because people need wood. Their fields often border directly on the forest and every year a little bit further into it. Mainly maize is grown in monoculture and a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. Since the deep-rooted trees are missing and every year in the rainy season a part of their fields is washed away, the yields are low.

Rescue the threatened bast palm and rare species

Naturefund is now launching a forest conservation and reforestation project. Together with the local partner Ecolodgy, we want to support 20 families around the Nantipwili river valley to use the dynamic Agroforest farming method. With this method, they plant a variety of trees while growing their food in the same area - without fertilizer, pesticides and with high yields. In September 2017 we will start with the first training. The project is funded by the Hand in Hand Fund from Rapunzel and the eutschen Umwelthilfe. But we can use any help. Plant trees in Malawi with us now and help us to save the last bast palms. <link https: blueplanetcertificate.com projekte external-link-new-window external link in new>All projects

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